Registering your community

Before starting, please ensure you are signed in to an account with a valid email address attached (this can be done via your account settings).

Head to the "Communities" page on the main Unit Commander website to begin. From there, you will see a button that says "Register Community", click this.

You will then be presented with a form which will collect your community's information for public advertising. This includes the following fields:

  • Name
  • Abbrevation (unique to your community)
  • Description (just a brief message describing how your community operates)
  • Website URL (if you have your own website, link it here)
  • Discord Invite (if you have a discord server, we encourage you to include a permanent invite)

As well as this, we also provide you with the ability to add your comunity branding, including a Logo and Banner image. For the logo, we recommend a square image (i.e. 256x256px) as well as being under 2MB in file size. For the banner image, this can be anything from a screenshot from one of your events, to a specially made banner, whatever you decide, please ensure it is under 2MB in file size.

Once you have filled out the form, press the button below to save your community and display it to all other users on Unit Commander.

Selecting the right plan

After creating your community, you'll be redirected to a screen to select your plan. Currently we offer 2 plans;

  • Standard
  • Pro


This tier is for communities looking to advertise on Unit Commander and does not offer any of the premium features offered in pro tier.


This tier offers all the functionality of Unit Commander, completely unlimited. We recommend you take a look at the documentation to get a better appreciation of the features available.

Pricing details can be found here:

Modifying your community

You are able to change any details of your community, or delete it entirely on Unit Commander. To do so, navigate to your community on the website, and ensure you are logged in. You should be presented with a button to "Manage" your community, located just under your community's name. Click this, and you'll be navigated to a page with a plethora of management options.

Deleting your community

If you are a pro tier community, we recommend you ensure you have cancelled your subscription via the Billing Portal before proceeding with this section.

When deleting a communty, you will be erasing all records of it in Unit Commander, and it will not be recoverable. Please make sure you wish to delete the community, before pressing the button, as we will be unable to restore any deleted data.

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