Introduction to Profiles

In Unit Commander, each player profile is associated with a primary user account registered with central Unit Commander systems. These player profiles act as templates for storing information on your players' progression within your community.

Profile Features


Associate a rank with your player to signify their seniority within your community.

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Assign awards to a user to represent accolades, or recognition for contributions.

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Award your players with formal qualifications to represent completed training within the community.

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Assign units to denote which squad, platoon or other unit this player is associated with.

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Assign positions to your players in order to highlight their roles and responsibility within your community.

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Show a complete history of your players' history within your community.

Proile Picture and Banner Image

Each profile has the ability to have a profile picture and a banner image. The profile image defaults to an image of the user's initials, but can be changed by clicking on the camera icon and uploading a new one. The banner image is a large image that appears at the top of the profile page. This can be changed by clicking on the camera icon and uploading a new one.

Recommended Image Sizes

For the profile picture, we recommend a square image with a 1:1 aspect ratio, with a minimum size of 256x256 pixels. For the banner picture, we recommend a rectangular image with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Image Moderation

In the case of a profile or banner image being uploaded that is not appropriate, users with the Admin role have the ability to delete the offending image. The image will be removed and replaced with the default image.

Assigning a Rank

In order to modify a rank to a new profile, select the blue assign rank button under the profile's avatar block and select a Rank from the dropdown list provided.

If you wish to modify the rank on an unranked user, click the Modify Rank text located underneath the rank title, then select the new rank you wish to assign.

In both cases, after selecting the rank from the dropdown, press the relevant Save button.

Assigning an award, qualification, unit or position

In each of the revelant cards on the profile page, provided you have permissions, you should be able to see a green plus icon. When you click this, you should have a slideout menu on the right side of your screen, which should contain a dropdown box of all the available options.

Select an option from the box, then press the save button to persist the change.

Removing an award, qualification, unit or position

In the cases of qualifications, units and positions, a red trash icon should be viewable to the right hand side of each attribute added to the profile. Click this red icon, and you will be presented with a confirmation modal. Read the message of the modal, before selecting the relevant choice.

When removing an award, the steps are slightly different. To start, each award should have a grey minus icon on the top right of each award image, and when this is clicked, you will see a similar modal as you would with qualifications units or awards.

If the award has been assigned more than once, it will subtract 1 from the number of times this award has been given to this specific profile. If the count is 1, it will remove the award from the profile in its entirety.


When you commit an action against a profile, such as a rank change, or position change, a log will be entered into the profile, keeping track of who made the change, what it was, and when it happened. The logs are then shown in detail at the bottom of a player's profile page, and gives a complete history, sorted by date and arranged to show the most recent change first.

Primary Position & Unit

Primary positions and primary units are used to denote a player's primary responsibilities in a community. These details will be used to help define the Roster page, where the primary position will be displayed alongside the player's name, as an example.

These can be changed by making modifications to the fields located under the rank field on an individual's profile page.


Discharging players in Unit Commander is designed to be an easy, 1 step solution to discharging players. By clicking the Discharge button on a player's profile, all of their roles will be removed so they no longer have permission to interact with your Unit Commander panel, as well as flagging them as Discharged. This feature will also hide them from default lists such as the profiles page.

In order to undo this action, assign a Role to the profile, and this will remove the discharged status.

Deleting a profile

Occassionally you will need or want to completely remove the record of a profile. To do this, go to their profile and click the Delete button. This will wipe their profile, including any logs, associated awards, qualifications etc.

Warning do not delete your own profile! You will lock yourself out.

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