Unit Commander has an in depth permissions system, where abilities define a user's ability to complete an action and a role is a grouping of abilities, which can be assigned to a user/player.

The abilities are split into several sections, each of which represents what feature it relates to. For example, a section of abilities could be Ranks, Alerts or Qualifications, and each section will have simple, configurable abilities, such as view, create, update and delete. In certain sections, there will be additional, section specific abilities.

Roles are groups of abilities that can be assigned to a user. In order to create a role, a name must be created, and all the relevant permissions must be toggled.

Critical Abilities

In order for a role to be useful, there is a base ability that must be enabled: View Community. This ability grants users the base permission to access the dashboard page, as well as the application form (if configured).

By default, Unit Commander creates a guest role, with this ability, that will be automatically assigned when a new user signs up to your community. We recommend you do not alter this too much.

The Manage Admin User ability is very important, do not give this ability to a user unless they are fully trusted, as they will have full access to moderate and remove other administrators in the community. By default, this is assigned only to the Administrator role, which is by default given to the owner of the community.

Assigning/Removing a role

In order to assign or remove a role, navigate to the roles and abilities page, then select a role. You will see a button to add or remove users, select that, then select the name from the dropdown list, and they will appear in a list to add, or remove, them from the role in question.

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